Industrial Plastic Safety Fence transmetteur de temperature AQZ-025

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د.ت 180,000

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Product Description

First of all thank you for using our meter, This manual contains instructions for the installation of meters, operations, parameter setting in the PC.
Safety fence is a new type of meter that our Company recently developed, using photoelectric isolation technology, SMT manufacturing process and international standards DIN Rail installation, and have a wide voltage, small size, long life, easy-to-install, and strong anti-interference, and other advantages. Instrumentation is for a group of signal input, two groups simultaneous signal output, communication using ModBus agreement, through RS-485 interface with the PC or PLC-controlled part on-line to concentrate on monitoring and control meters, in connection with the PC Meter can amend the parameters through PC.




1. Input type: CU50\PT100\K\E\J\T\S\R\WR25\N\F2\0-5V\1-5V
2. Output precision: 0.5%F. S
3. Output signal: Two group 4~20mA(adjustable through parameter OUTH\OUTL)
4. Overall dimension(mm): 106× 76× 25
5. Power supply: AC 85~242V 50/60Hz
6. Working circumstance: Temperature 0~50, humidity85%RH without.
Corrode and strong electromagnetism disturb.

Series code Name             Remark Setting range Ex-Factory
1 Pb Sensor error
The sensor have deviation can use item
to revisal
0~±20.0   0.0
2 FILT Filt modulus The first order lag filter coefficient, the value is greater, the performance anti-jamming moment is stronger, but the response time lag. The pressure and flow control of its value should be smaller, temperature and level control should be relatively large 0~50 20
3 OUTH Allow exports
max value
Restrain maximum value of adjust output. outL~2200 2000
4 OUTL Allow exports  min value Restrain minimum value of adjust output 0~outH 400
5 LocK Code lock 0-all the parameter can be revised
1-only the SP can be revised
0~50 0
6 Sn Input type ‘0’Cu50 -50.0~150.0ºC; ‘1’Pt100 -199.9~200.0ºC;
‘2’Pt100 -199.9~600.0ºC;  ‘3’K  -30.0~1300ºC;
‘4’E  -30.0~700.0ºC ;   ‘5’ J  -30.0~900.0ºC;
‘6’T  -199.9~400.0ºC;    ‘7’ S  -30~1600ºC;
‘8’  R  -30.0~1700.0ºC;    ‘9’  WR25 -30.0~2300.0ºC;
’10’  N -30.0~1200.0ºC;      ’11’  Idiosyncratic type ;
’12’ 0~5V(0~10mA);       ’13’ 1~5V(4~20mA)
0~13 random
7 P-SH Display the high limit P-SH decide the display range, the value and unit are
decided  by  factory and client freely.
P-SL~9999 random
8 P-SL Display the low limit P-SL decide the display range, the value and unit are
decided  by  factory and client freely.
-1999~P-SH random
9 Addr Communication addres The meter’s number in the control system 0~63 0
10 BAud Communication baud rate ‘0’1200;’1’2400; ‘2’4800; ‘3’9600 0~3 9600