Module elecvateur de tension step up DC-DC 600W 16A 9-60V Vers 12-80V

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Product Description

DC-DC Step Up Voltage Boost Converter 8-16V To 12-60V 12A 600W

  • 600W high power boost module
  • Input voltage :12-60V or 8-16V Selectable
  • Wide output voltage (12-80V) adjustable
  • Output current (0.1-12A) Adjustable
  • High efficiency
  • Ultra-low dropout voltage
Module parameters:
  • Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
  • Input voltage: two input voltage ranges selectable (selectable with jumper on board)
  • 1). 8-16V input ( In this input mode,please do not over-voltage input, otherwise it will burn module)
  • 2). 12-60V input(default)
  • Input Current : 16A (MAX) Please enhance heat dissipation when current over than 10A
  • Static Current : 15mA (12V to 20V. The output voltage increase, the static current will increase a little)
  • Output voltage: 12-80V (continuously adjustable) ( the default output about 19V )
  • Output Current : 12A MAX, if over 10A please enhance heat dissipation ( the higher the dropout voltage, the smaller the current )
  • Constant current range :0.1-12A
  • Output power : = input voltage * 10A, such as: input 12V * 10A = 120W, input 24V * 10A = 240W, Input 36V * 10A = 360W, input 48V * 10A = 480W, input 60V * 10A = 600W. If you need more high-power, two modules can be used in parallel , for example if you need 15A output, then connect two modules in parallel ,the current of each module set to 8A then is OK.
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C ( if temperature too high , please enhance heat dissipation)
  • Operating Frequency : 150KHz
  • Conversion efficiency : up to 95% ( affected by input voltage, output volage, current and dropout voltage )
  • Operating Ripple: about 100mV
  • Load Regulation rate: about 0.2%
  • Voltage regulation rate: about 2%
  • Overcurrent protection : Yes ( input exceeds 17A, automatically reduces the output voltage , maybe have errors)
  • Short-circuit protection: Yes (input with 20A fuse) double circuit protection, more safe.
  • Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No , ( if necessary , input add one diode in series)
  • Output prevent backflow : Yes, no need to add prevent backflow diode for charging .
  • Installation: two 3mm screws
  • Wiring: terminals, no welding.
  • Size: 76mm(L) x 60mm(W) * 56mm(H, the height of the heatsink is included)
  • DIY a regulated power supply, only 12V input, output 12-80V adjustable.
  • Power supply for your electronic device , according to your system can set the output voltage value .
  • As a vehicle power supply, power supply for your laptop/PDA etc.
  • DIY a laptop mobile power supply, with 12V high capacity lithium battery pack, travel no worry.
  • Solar panels regulator.
  • Charge for the battery.
  • Drive high-power LED.
  • Choose input voltage range. Default input voltage range is 12-60V. If you need 8-16V input, please short connect the jumper on the board
Output current adjustment method:
Adjust CV potentiometer, according to your battery or LED, set the output voltage value to your need.
Counterclockwise adjust CC potentiometer about 30 laps, make the output current in the minimum. Connect the LED, adjust CC potentiometer to the desired current. If charge for the battery, the battery should fully discharge at the first, then connected to the output, adjust CC potentiometer to desired current. (Must use completely discharged battery to set, otherwise inaccurate. Because the more battery power remain, the smaller the charge current. ) Please do not use short-circuit way to adjust current, because special circuit structure of the boost converter can not adjust in that way.
Package included: